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I am Adrian, web full-stack developer


App Foguera L'Harmonia San Gabriel

Android hybrid app developed for Foguera L'Harmonia de Sangabriel. The app includes information about the company, picture gallery, agenda, etc. Developed with AngularJS 2 & Ionic 2 Beta.

Playtheatres Website

Playtheatres is a Video On Demand platform where users can watch theater plays from home. The developed project includes the website & admin panel. Video integration was made with JWPlayer, including HLS transcoding. Made with AngularJS and Boostrap 3. Server coded using NodeJS & MongoDB

About me

Hello! My name is Adrian Martinez and I am fullstack web developer. I am graduated at the University of Alicante as a software enginieer and I have taken different courses related to computer programming.

I offering myself as a freelance web programmer and both mobile and web developer with more than 3 years of experience.

Latest technologies
Your project will be developed with the latest market technologies like Angular, Ionic, Laravel, NodeJS, Android, iOS, HTML5 and much more.
Utmost punctuality
I am aware of how important is to have a project in time so we will schedule together the different development phatses in order to complete the project in time.
Always online
No matter the time you can count on me to solve any questions you have or contributing fresh ideas to the project.

Technology stack

Although I can work with different languates, MEAN is the stack I feel most confortable working with. You can check my portfolio and see how most of the projects have been developed using NodeJS. I never stop learning new languages and technologies.

I am familiarized with Amazon Web Services (AWS) - where I usually host my projects -, Docker and some continous integration/development tools like CircleCI.


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